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Hello all,


I am seeking advice on using the Commander Pro to regulate my CPU Temperature. I am using a Corsair H60 liquid cooler. The CPU Pump Tach cable is plugged into the CPU_Fan header on the motherboard, and the radiator fan is plugged into the four pin Sys_Fan1 header on the motherboard. So right now the BIOS is regulating the radiator fan, and keeping the CPU at a fairly constant 37-40C. I am thinking that the ICUE Software with Commander Pro would allow me to keep that temperature lower. I don't do any gaming. This computer has 6 case fans (which includes the radiator fan), power supply fan, and Graphics card fan. Any advice will be sincerely appreciated.

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You would be able to control the radiator fan from the desktop software if you connect it to a Commander Pro. Whether you can make things cooler is unclear, but it would give you the ability to set it high for load, quiet when idle, and choose other control variables for the fan besides CPU. It’s not exactly a cost efficient strategy for one fan, but if having control over the rest of the case fans has value then it may be worthwhile.
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Getting temps lower with a Commander Pro is unlikely, but you would gain the ability to tweak fan settings while the system is booted, and see the results without having to reboot to BIOS every time you wanted to tweak your fan curve.


However for just a tad more than the cost of a Commander Pro, you could get an H60i which is iCUE controlled, and you get some RGB on the pump. You would only have control over the AIO fan though.

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