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[suggestion] Edit a profile without switching to it

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I recently got the fantastic K55 keyboard so I'm trying to make use of the Fn key by mapping some macros to Fn combinations (for example, Fn+F to launch Firefox).

To do this, I configured the Fn key to switch to profile "Fn" while pressed. In this profile, I remapped F to run Firefox.


Everything worked perfectly until I tried to create more Fn combinations.

Let's say I want to map Fn+F1 keys to F13. To do so I need to first make the "Fn" profile active.

Remapping the key was fine but when I tried to rename the keyboard assignment to "F13", I started Firefox associated to Fn+F instead of typing the character 'F'... (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


Of course, it was possible to circumvent this problem by typing in the default profile and copy-pasting.

But what if I mapped Fn+V to something else, let's say, Visual Studio???



Conclusion: It would be nice to be able to edit a profile without making it active to facilitate the remapping of alphanumeric keys.

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