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Need help choosing new radiator fans


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I'm currently using corsair's SP120 RGB pro, 3 fans mounted at the bottom of the top radiator as intake. They can reach 1400 RPM max and the coolant temps can not go below 29 degree Celsius.


I want to upgrade the fans to get better coolant temps, i've found a lot of choices on Corsair website:


  1. ML120 PRO RGB (1600 RPM)
  2. LL120 RGB White Edition (2200 RPM :bigeyes:)
  3. SP120 RGB Elite Performance (1500 RPM with AIRGUIDE TECHNOLOGY)


Which one is better for coolant cooling? and why?


GPU: MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X

Pump: XD3

Only cooling the CPU, GPU is not water cooled

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Ah, the ROG Helios, they named that one well, quite the hot box :)

You'll want some overkill fans to overcome a restrictive case, that pretty much restricts you to the ML120.

The SP elite are pretty good too but have slightly lower static pressure, and the LL are completely out. these are more like general case fans and performs very poorly on radiators.

They do work, you can get by on cases with good airflow, but basically any other fan is better.

When you look at their spec, they have the highest static pressure number, but that's at 2200 rpm, and they are NOT exactly silent that high.


So i'd say ML120 unless you are deaf, then you can go with the LL and run them at stupid speeds.

In the end you are most likely limited by the case.

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You also may want to assess the air temperature on either side of the top radiator. The radiator exhaust air temp into the case will match the coolant temp, but if the general ambient in the case is already 27-29C, then there is no way for you to lower the AIO coolant temp as the local temp will be the lower limit. You may also want to assess that at idle and gaming load. The 3090 will change things dramatically.
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