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Hello ;):


Please tell me. How can I measure the rotational speed of the cooling? Only through the ikue program? I constantly show 4000rpm in all programs.


Also, the sensor in the ikue program shows a temperature that is incomprehensible to me. Although in other programs this temperature is not.



And is it possible to work with the Ikue program turned off, will the fans work with the same settings as before?


P.S. Sorry for my english :)

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The "CPU fan" speed reported in HWiNFO and the BIOS is the raw number from the pump. A pump and a fan don't count revolutions the same way. Corsair pumps have a divider of 2, so 1/2 of the value will equal the actual pump speed. The CUE program does that calculation for you when presenting the pump speed.


Presumably the fans are connected to the fan controller on the XT, as most people should do. However, this means their speed is on that controller and not the motherboard. You cannot affect fan or pump speed through the BIOS/MB. HWiNFO can read the H100i XT, but you don't want it to if running CUE. The two programs will fight over access to the device with unfortunate results, usually garbage data or loss of fan control.


The temperature to the right of the pump AIO picture is the coolant temperature as measured leaving the CPU block. This is the proper control variable for the fans and is a relative measure of how much heat has been put into the system. If you are new to water cooling, this will take some time to learn the normal range. Coolant temp is the minimum possible CPU temp at 0v. The CPU temp will be above that and change as voltage is applied/removed. Pump and fan speed does not affect that CPU temp, except as a means to regulate the baseline coolant temp. If you reduce your coolant temp by 4C, then you have reduced your CPU temp by 4C. Keep that in mind for fan speed control. You don't need the fans to to max out because the CPU got to 80C for 2 seconds. The CPU is cooled conductively by the cold plate. The heat picked up there is transported to the radiator and expelled. This makes the pump/fans more of a trash heat removal system. As long as you keep taking the trash out, things stay under control. Shut off the fans and you can see what happens, but you don't need to worry about small speed adjustments.


If you want to run without CUE, set the pump your preferred speed and pick a fan preset or set a custom curve that must use H100i XT Temp (coolant temperature) as the sensor control variable. It is automatically saved to the device and will follow those instructions when CUE is not running. You will need CUE to change those settings or the lighting. "Hardware Lighting" is the active effect for the XT if CUE is not running.

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