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Stop iCUE from controlling ASUS products

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Hi guys, I'll keep it quick. How do I stop iCUE from controlling my ASUS motherboard and ASUS RTX graphics card? It does not work at all, half of the rgb doesn't light up on my 3070. I did install the ASUS plug-in for iCUE to try it out but it didn't work.


I've uninstalled iCUE and ASUS armory crate and reinstalled both. Was perfect for a day before iCUE took control again and messed up my RGB. Everything goes back to normal when I quit iCUE. I am running iCUE v3.38.61 (and yes, I have already tried v4 which is worse).


Is there still a plug-in installed? Where is it located? Thanks.

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go into iCUE settings and switch off the SDK... hope this helps bud...


Side Note....


iCUE needs to start after Asus drivers/software at start up.. i have icue set to manual start but you can set a delay so icue loads last... may help.


Edit*.. i see you found it lol.. good luck..

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