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iCUE 4 - Mouse set to "Static Color > All White" but wheel and logo LED stuck to red?

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I'm hoping someone can help. I have a Corsair Core RGB Pro SE, and I'm trying to set all of the LED's to be white. I believe I have iCUE set up properly (see screenshot), but for some reason the wheel and logo LED are stuck red all of the time.


Am I doing something wrong here? Is this a bug in iCUE?


Things I've already done:

- Tried on a different computer (on MacOS I can set all the lights to white)

- Reset the mouse by holding side buttons and turning it off and on

- Restarted my PC

- Reinstalled iCUE



Edit: I should make clear I'm having this issue on a Windows 10 PC. On my Mac laptop (which seems to use an older/different version of iCUE, I don't have this issue).


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