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h100i Hydro Series out of order after fresh Windows installation

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Hello everyone,


The setup that I have listed in my profile is my beloved rig that I built new in late 2014 and did not touch since then including the windows installation that I installed that time. It was Windows 8.1 back then, upgraded to win10 without any problems.


I replaced both corsair fans with noctua fans that are still running fine to this date, as everyting else.


However over the time lots of dust collected in the system and my OS was flooded with, let's say, gray-market-software, so I decided to finally put that sweet 2014 installation to sleep, clean my PC and wipe all my drives.


So I did, surprisingly there was not much dust in my machine as I keep my home very clean and tidy. The windows 10 x64 pro installation went fine, and so I thought I have a brand spanking new setup like I did have when times were okay.


Because I am a lazy *** person I did not rebuilt my complete pc, rather I took the bigger parts out and wipe everything off with an almost dry towel. I did not remove my h100i AIO cooler from the CPU.


But Wait! Chilly afternoon pc building session ended up having massive thermal problems. It seems like the pump that was running fine for almost 7 years didn't survive my wipe-off.


I understand that this is hardware that was running for 7 years and probably is due to be replaced. I happily buy a new h100i, but before I wanted to know what possibly went wrong and what I can do to either prevent that in the future or maybe rescue my product.


Now I'm not really sure what is actually wrong here, so I'd like to describe what is the current situation:


- PC Built in 2014, never touched again, running 10hrs every day minimum

- Opened PC yesterday to dust-off (wasn't really much)

- Re-installed Windows 10 x64 Pro


The Problems now:

- CPU "Package" Temp hits ~75°C soon after boot, hits 100°C as soon as something is done, system throttles down until unusable

- Temps in BIOS and every program (HWMonitor, Corsair LINK, Corsair iCue) match and are 100% in °C, not °F

- Water Pump seems to be running, if I tilt the computer you can hear the pump meddling with air bubbles but gets silent after 1-2 minutes

- Radiator is stone cold, so are the lines from the pump reaching to it

- Pump is hot wherever you touch it but far from 100°C hot


Both AIO fans are connected to the two wires from the pump and they react according to whatever I tell them to in Corsair LINK. Pump is connected with onBoard USB to the Motherboard and the small fan Pin is connected to "USBFAN1" on the Mobo. SATA is connected. Pump makes happy pump noises, fans are spinning, LED is lighting, Pump shows up in LINK, all fan speeds read correct. Pump speed reads at ca. 2100rpm in LINK. The Radiator is mounted above the pump so air bubbles should be trapped inside the radiator. The setup I'm currently running is the same that was running fine for ages as described but refuses to continue so after reinstalling.


The pump was laid down face up while cleaning the case. Not sure what direction the radiator was put while doing so, probably next to it. When I first booted the system after my cleaning the pump went air-bubbly-noisy for ~2m then went silent again. I can replicate this by tilting the case so that air reaches the pump.


Before I buy a new one:

- What can I do to find out if my product is toast?

- What possible steps can I try to bring my h100i back to life?


As I said before, I'm not complaining about a 7 year old heavily used product leaving me - I want to find out what happened before I replace it or even better fix the situation as I find more joy in troubleshooting than replacing.


Best Regards!

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You’ve got a blockage, most likely at the cooling fins or jet plate. This isn’t an unheard of situation. Cooler appears to be fine. You start moving stuff around and then this. The debris was already there but had settled somewhere less damaging. You move stuff and it floats up and blocks the jet plate resulting in massively reduced flow. The heat is not transported to the radiator at a sufficient rate and a hot zone build up around the block. This is a problem since coolant temp is minimum cpu temp with zero load.


Solutions: You can try taking the AIO off and shaking the pump head end in hopes of dislodging the blockage. The problem is this stuff tends to come back around and there is no good way to remove it. You might gain a temporary reprieve, but 2 days later you are back in this state. You can give it a try, but I would start taking a look at replacement candidates.

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