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QL120 LEDs help.

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I bought a 3 pack of QL120 fans. After about a month one of the fans had 1 LED that would never be the right color. If I made them static white it was pink in that one LED spot. I turned in a ticket, mailed it to them and they are sending a replacement.


Now I have another fan doing the exact same thing. It isn't plugged into the same slot on the controller. I have unplugged ALL fans and plugged just this one fan in and it still does it. Also, if I plug them all in and move it around on the controller this is the only fan that does it.


Is this just bad fans? I kind of regret buying them if they are this bad? Is there anything I should know to fix this or do I need to RMA another fan? Thanks.

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  • Corsair Employees






1: Make sure iCUE is updated to the latest Software.





2: You're going to have to test each individual fan one by one in Slot #1 of the RBG hub





3: Unplug all your fans and indicate on iCUE in your light setup>Channel 1 that you have only 1 fan connected.





4: Do not unplug and plug fans with the system running, the system should be off.





5: Check one fan and run the system, so on and so forth for each individual fan.





6: Once you Identify the faulty fans, connect your fans that aren't faulty in the sequence indicate how many are running on iCue and run the system.





7: Add one of the faulty fans that you suspect to be faulty to check if it lights with the sequence of fans that are currently working. so if you have fans on slot #1,#2,#3 and test two faulty fans on slot #4.





8: If the sequence doesn't continue it is indeed faulty.


Contact Support @ https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us


They can help you with this issue.

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