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H100i Elite Capellix buzzing

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My newly installed H100i Elite Capellix buzzing on and off when I play something like Runescape. Is this normal behaviour, I also stress-tessed my CPU to ramp up the temp, but no sound was made during the test?


What could be the problem here, I already tilted my pc and the AIO itself.


AIO is top-mounted.


Link to sound: https://streamable.com/sdwsmi


edit: No very audible sound when idling, besides the pump noise

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Hi BamiBoy,


It sounds more like coilwhine from a graphics card to me. Coilwhine will happen when the GPU plays a game, especially with high FPS.


That it only happens when you play a game, and not when you stress test the CPU also indicates that it could probably be coilwhine - unfortunately a normal issue with GPU's these days.

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