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White flecks in loop

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Anyone had this issue? Havent seen anyone post anything similar from my searches.

Looks like the coating from i assume the threads are shedding there paint coating when screwing in and getting into the loop, this has happened twice now, once when i bought my first set of 45 and 90 parts which i had to flush, then again once i added more, its so annoying and tough to get these out of the loop and im seriously over having to flush it again, grumble grumble grumble.



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Yep it's a pain with painted fittings. nickel plated are not as messy, but there's always some flaking from the acrylic plastic when threading fittings on the blocks or pump.

Visually unpleasant but it doesn't influence temps really if you only have that much.

I usually had to take the waterblocks apart to clean that out. flushing backwards never worked well.

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