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Games with integrated Icue lighting doesn't affect all my corsair objects

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I recently installed the xh305i cooling kit to my pc and had to also add a 2nd commander pro to control the lighting on the pump/block and 3 other fans. But when I play games like ghostrunner or metro exodus it only affects my 3 ll120s, ram, keyboard and headset. The 3 ll120s are connected to the first commander pro from a lightning node but the other six fans which are ql120s along with the pump and block are all connected to the 2nd commander pro I installed which is labeled (commander pro (1)) in icue is there a way for the game lighting to affected both commander pros? Before installing the 2nd commander pro I had 3 of my ql120s connected to another lightning node into the first commander pro and also got affected by game lighting so I'm sure they aren't being affected due to it now being plugged in to my 2nd commander pro now
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There is an additional obstacle with Commanders and some external lighting devices in CUE 4.10. It’s possible 4.9 will work but I have not tested all of the games with that same hardware. Otherwise we are waiting for a fix.
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