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Hello folks,


i recently installed my liquid cooler corsair and 4 extras corsairs fans (3 QL series and 1 LL series) everything was working well i plugged all the FANs to the Motherboard. two days ago I just bought the Coomander Pro and plugged all the fans to the coomander and the 6 RGBs of the fans to the lighting core. and everything is working unless the lights of the pump. i just try everything and nothing is working.


for more information:


1) I plug the USB commander and the USB of the cooler directly to the motherboard.

2) the Satas Are correctly connected and is providing correctly power because the pump is working but witouht lights.

3) i delete the icue and their data and reisntaled.

4) the usb of the lighting core is connected to the commander pro.

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What power supply do you have? Check that the SATA power connector your pump is connected to has 5-wires going to it. If it only has 4, that would be why your Pump's RGB isn't lighting up.


Hello bro.. i have a GIGABYTE 750W FULL MODULAR 80 PLUS GOLD power suply... i already change it into a 5 pins and still doesnt works... icue shows me the pump but doesnt changes the colors when i aplied

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How did you change it to 5-pin? If the Cable that comes with it is a 4 pin, changing to a 5-pin likely won't help.


Hello Travis,


my power supply is full modular, so i connect another SATA (5 pins) just that and connected the pump and the commander to the new SATA.

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