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Advice on connecting 2 Corsair RM850X to MB

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I am building my first machine in like 15-20 years and need some advice.

I have 2 corsair PSU's (RM850x's) that I am looking to connect to my motherboard Asus Prime 365-b Plus and GPU's.


The guy whop sold them to me told me I needed a cable to link the (attached both to the same MB to sync them in start up I guess), and his shop didnt have it at te time. and He didnt mention the specific name of the cable either.

So looking for help on which cable (generic type name) should I buy / be looking for online.


Also I understand that powering my GPU's (will be attaching 1 using a riser) requires me to pay attention to safety/firehazard to make sure I am using the right cable - any comments on that


Thanks in advance



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