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QL fans running but not detected

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Hi I am real new here, just bought 2 sets of 3 QL fans. They are running fine both light and spin but the only thing I can see inside iCue 4 is the RGB memory stiks not the fans.


I have uninstalled and re installed both the 4 and the 3 sorfware with now luck.

I have disabled fast start up both windows and MB.


Any support will be most than welcome.

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Thanks for the response, I did and they are sending me a new hub. But since I reaaly need the fans and I am building a new system I bought a new 3 kit set the strange thing is that the "new" hub is doing the exact same thing.



I noticed if I connect while system on the power sata of the hub to a sata coming out from my PSU the fans all are iluminated to rainbow then I plug the usb to the usb hub that I have and I can see the module in iCUE but then I turn the system all off via the off switch of the PSU then the detection is gone again.


If I do the procedure all over I can see it again. I am all confused here and of course I do not belive that 2 different hubs can do same problem, there must be something in my config that is doing that.


Any suggestions are more than welcome.


Thanks again.

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