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iCUE Music Visualizer Questions


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I want to check if I am understanding everything and if my info is up to date.


iCUE Music Visualizer is only enabled in iCUE if you have a Void Headset or ST100 Headphone Stand?


Great. I own both.


Did I also read though, that now owning a Corsair Commander Pro also unlocks the Music Visualizer?


Does the Music Visualizer react to the sound source internally. What I mean is it analysing and reacting to the digital waveform or whatever its called on the software side between the audio chipset and the DAC and speaker outputs etc or is it using an external Mic listening to the actual sound in the room?


The reason I ask is my unusual future setup/requirements.


I want to integrate a lot of Corsair aRGB Strips all around my desk. However, I don't want to run them off iCUE on my main gaming rig. I want to run them off my 24/7 Media Server and bedtime browsing PC. Effectively the desk strips are my remote controlled room lights most of the time and I’ll click them off in iCUE when its time to go to sleep. The 24/7 Media PC is perfect for this functionality. However I would also like them to be audio reactive to music etc from the main gaming rig at times. So if iCUE music visualization is external MIC based either via ST100 or CoPro connected to the Media PC, then I am good to go. ie desk lights run off 24/7 media PC but reacting to audio from my speakers connected to the main gaming rig.

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You will not be able to control devices through iCUE that are not on the physical machine you are utilizing. If you wish for the audio visualizer effect they will have to be on the system with iCUE running and utilizing the Corsair audio device.
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