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New system Cappilex h100i 240 blinking red

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I just put together a new system, heavy on Corsair products. (RAM/Power Supply, Cooling, Case)


Ref: Cappilex Elite h100i 240


After the build and installing fresh windows 10 system was working fine, could change the lighting scheme in iCue, then for some unknown reason 2 days later, AIO is blinking red. I didn't change anything.


Is it related to a windows update?

BIOS issue? (BIOS is up to date)

iCue software? (have latest)

Commander Core module?


The system is not running hot so the pump must be working. The AIO fans are spinning fine.


Single wire from pump head is connected to CPU_FAN at pin 3 (Sense)


I have unplugged and reconnected all connectors on MoB and AIO still blinks red. Uninstalled and reinstalled iCue software.


The AIO lights come on correctly when booting and then moments later when BIOS or windows starts the AIO blinks red. Seems to turn blinking red when the SYS(x2) fans turns on. SYS fans are connected to SYS 1 and SYS 2. Nothing is connected to the CPU_OPT connector.


I have read many posts about this from changing the Bios settings, to opening a corsair ticket, to RMA.


Any advice/help is appreciated.


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the pump is reading 0 RPM and the fans are running at full blast.. seems the controller kicked the bucket maybe? Could be worth checking if the connector on the side of the commander core is fully plugged in.

That would make the red blinking logical as it is usually the light warning when the AIO has a problem.

BIOS has nothing to do with it since all that fan wire does is send the pump speed reading to the CPU FAN header to avoid having the motherboard beep because it sees no fan attached to the CPU.

As for the timing of the red blinking appearing that's just the Commander core starting up. it will take a few seconds when powered up.


Worth opening a support ticket (link up in the forum menu).

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  • Corsair Employees

Power off the system and check the connector from the pump to the Commander Core is fully inserted and straight. Check for any bent pins as well. Once you restart the system, and if it is still flashing red, try pressing on the connector into the Commander Core.


If you continue to have trouble please create a ticket so we can further assist you.

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