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iCue Profiles Issue with Arma 3


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So I've just reinstalled ARMA 3 for my girlfriend and decided to a set up a RGB profile for it for my K55, RGB RAM and LL120 Fans I also have a wireless corsair void headset but I don't jave the RGB turned on that at all.


Anyway we use TeamSpeak for the game and as soon I loaded up A3 the sound through the headphones would just go all weird, like I am hearing myself from my MIC. Teamspeak no longer works and family can't hear me I also have a Condenser mic as well but that wasn't the default mic my headset was, after messing around disabling stuff enabling stuff. It turns out the profile I made for AMRA under iCue was the cause because as soon as I deleted that it worked fine again????


Any reason why this would happen as it's never happend before when playing ths game

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