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MSI MSI Live Update 6.1.035 No Internet Connection

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Hello, I am running CORSAIR ONE i165, and MSI Live Update 6 throws a "no internet connection" error when attempting to check for updates. However, my internet works fine. I tried a workaround from MSI company website forums that entails disabling ipv6 on my wifi adapter. Sure enough, it works fine after that. However, I don't want to run my adapter permanently with this setting disabled.


Is Corsair running a customized version of MSI Live Update? It has the Corsair logo on the user interface, and is version 6.1.035. I know that version 6.2 is the latest available direct from MSI. Everyone on MSI forums say the bug is fixed by updating to 6.2, but I don't want to download direct from MSI if CORSAIR ONE is utilizing some sort of customized motherboard loadout. I.e. I don't want the factory-direct MSI update client to "pick up" the wrong BIOS updates, etc.


As far as downloading MSI Live Update direct from Corsair, I think the latest version uploaded to Corsair's download section is even older than the 6.1.035 that came direct with my machine? I can't tell and don't want to install anything older and even less compatible.


Basically, is it safe to use the updated Live Update 6.2 client direct from MSI, or does Corsair need to post its own? If Corsair needs to get its version of 6.2 up, when might this be?

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IPv6 is a protocol that is not needed for home networking. It is an extended version of the IPv4 protocol meant to address the limited address space available on an IPv4 network. Even with it enabled on your adapter, it is not being used in any capacity. You cannot physically fit the amount of computers /devices an IPv4 network allows in your house.


IMHO, Microsoft should not have installed the IPv6 protocol and / or enabled by default on Windows Home edition machines. It should be disabled in all instances as I have seen it causes issues like this with multiple different pieces of software.


As far as MSI live update... like drivers, Corsair is just distributing the MSI live update software. In almost all cases these drivers / software packages will be months if not years out of date. They are not modifying or re-releasing a version specific to this machine. Even if they were to update the link on the product page, the download will be identical to what you download from MSI.


MSI's software is complete garbage, Live Update is particularly bad. It should be uninstalled and deleted from the internet.


You should be getting your drivers from Intel / AMD / NVIDIA directly anyway, Live Update is also just repackaging old drivers. They are specific to the chips that MSI bought and soldered on your motherboard. They are not specific to the motherboard itself.


That being said, if the only reason your are updating is because of this IPv6 'bug' and you are worried about MSI's software bricking your BIOS then disable IPv6... it is completely harmless fix that will not affect you in any way.

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Thank you very much Azureblood2, this is a clear and comprehensive response.


I had indeed noticed other complaints out there about the MSI Live Update software. It is helpful to have this additional perspective from the standpoint of a CORSAIR ONE user.


From an observational standpoint, in case it is helpful to anyone else reading this--Corsair did at least modify the UI of MSI Live Update 6.1.035. They placed their logo on it. Azureblood2 you're probably right it is otherwise identical under the hood, but it introduces confusion to the end user when manufacturer software is tweaked like that. This UI quirk and other forum posts about customized CORSAIR ONE BIOS is what further contributes to my confusion about what off-the-shelf MSI updates I can apply vs. what I need to get straight from CORSAIR to avoid making my system unstable or even "bricking" it, as you say.


I must confess I am annoyed there are ANY sort of nonstandard firmware or software implementations on CORSAIR ONE. The reason I bought it was because of a perception that it was simply (more or less) top shelf gaming/power computing parts assembled in a nice compact form factor tower--theoretically giving the end user lots of control and use of standard factory-direct drivers. I do remain very impressed by the tower and its clever engineering of using fins for the heat sink. But I feel as if I'm back in the boat of being a Dell user if their "enterprise" (for lack of a better word) update software for the motherboard--the guts of the entire system--is just some gummed up repackaged version of MSI.


Corsair, if you're going to run any custom software/firmware patching software, it has to be maintained, otherwise don't install it at all! Also, be clear to us about what is customized by you vs. what are normal factory direct drivers.

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I bought the a100 under the same assumption, that it was using off the shelf parts and I'd be able to upgrade from the 3900x to the 5900x when it came out.


Then I found out that the motherboard was a variant of the retail board with a custom BIOS. ASUS had released 6-8 BIOS updates regarding performance, and the system refused to let me flash them. Corsair's stance on it was "We aren't updating the custom BIOS unless there is a security vulnerability"


When AMD came out and said that they were releasing a BIOS update to fix the x570 USB issues, Corsair stuck to their guns and didn't update the BIOS. I asked constantly on these forums and in a support ticket to get a BIOS update to fix the USB issues. I was told the only way to fix the issues was to RMA the entire computer. They said they didn't know when or even IF there was going to be a BIOS update.


I've spent 2 months trying to RMA the system, but the WebStore doesn't seem to be able to know how to put a hold on my credit card. I called them and escalated the issue, and a 'Team Leader' jumped on the ticket and said she was looking into it. It has been 7 days and I've been asking for status updates on how to proceed every day. It has been radio silence.


Meanwhile in that time, Corsair silently released the BIOS update that I'd been asking for. No one from Corsair felt the need to tell me about this, either in the support ticket I had open or the almost year long Thread I started on these forums. I had specifically asked on the support ticket if there was anything being tested. I was told the only option to resolve the USB issue was to RMA the computer.


I had an order placed for the a200, which took 3 tries and a support ticket to place, that I canceled due to my experience over the past year.


The straw that broke the camel's back was installing iCUE 4 only to find it decided to bake my components by turning the fan off completely. This was a bug I had reported in iCUE 3 almost a year ago, and have had to keep my fan set to 100% since. The problem isn't unique to the ONE, it affects their other Platinum CPU coolers as well.


SO yeah, Corsair is not going to maintain software / firmware that they install on their machines. They aren't going to support their systems. Corsair has provided me with an absolutely horrendous user experience over the past year. As much as I love the form factor and engineering of this computer, I am actively looking to replace it.

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