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Bad Ram

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Hello I am experiencing major issues with my ram. I let memtest86 v1.55 run overnight and it is coming back with thousands of errors in tests 4 - 7.


I have been receiving windows blue screen crashes when using the 3d rendering of Autocad, games and serious glitches during DVD and WMV-HD playback.


I have put the mem sticks in all different combinations of DDR in my mobo and receiving the same failures. Additionally from reading through your forums I have increased the voltage upto 2.8 and the system fails to boot with "memtest failure." I have tried the mem individually and one passes and the other fails consistently.


I have also put in some ancient PC2100 ram which is detected correctly, passes a full slate or memtest86 v1.55 tests and prevents any of the errors that I am experiencing in the applications from occuring.


System Specs are the following:

Mobo: MSI K8N Neo4

CPU: AMD 64 3000+ Clock 1800

RAM: Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB400

Module: 783-0511089-0-224617 (BAD)

783-0511089-0-224616 (GOOD)

DDR Clock: 200

CAS: 2.5-3-3-8 Dual Channel


Bios is the latest v1.2 and I have tried "Optimal Settings" as well as setting things manual.


Much appreciated if I can move onto the RMA process.




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