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im done with this expensive ****

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great stuff


costs tons of euros here and then ??


after 6 months 5 of 6 channnels of this **** commander pro are dead..


the icue software is pure **** also...


hope to get the ll and ql fans working on the mb connectors..


ill throw out this fu... **** out of my window and replace it with RAINPOW2 and some adapters cause of your damn corsair spercial pins.


damn im so angry. it works 2 hours ago then i was playing cyberpunk,few minutes ago i see my cpu temps gone wild and the ql fans connected to this expensive bull****commander pro arent spinning...


thank you, delete this if you want.

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guess what happend.


rgb channel 1 on commander pro isnt working. dead . gone.


yeah one rgb chanel on this expensive bull.. is working.


will wait when it destroys my mv cpu gpu or something.

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Same here. Many issues over the past year. Just bought a £180 Capellix cooler only to fit everything then discover the AM4 bracket does not fit. This is something they know about. Its been posited on here. Amazon reviews are full of the same info. But its still sold as AM4 compatible. 4 days of headaches it caused me trying to sort it only to go back to original setup.


5v 3 pin for me from now on, switching to signal RGB

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I have a H155i that was being replaced by the Capellix. The Capellix clip just falls out. Its loose. At no point does it feel secure to the block / pump. The H115i clip fits this better than the one came with it. Amazon is full of reviews about it, which i only discovered after spending hours trying.
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