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Flex in Heavy Build Causing Leak Issues?

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I'm planning an Obsidian 1000D build with dual loop cooling. I recently saw a video of a custom 1000D build using plexiglass. The result of the build was a system that weighs over 150 pounds!


My question for those who have experience with 1000D builds is whether a heavy build will cause flex in the case when moving it, which would then put undue stress on the cooling loop connections, causing leak issues.


How would I safely move a completed 1000D system to my shop, when I need to work on it, without tweaking all the lines and fitting connections?


Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I'm a newbie with custom builds with water cooling, and I want to be prepared...

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We would suggest that you drain your loop if you're planning on moving your build. Properly pack unit with plenty of packing material. Check your fittings and leak test your system. It's pretty straight forward just check and double check so you don't have any issues. Let me know if that helps.

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