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Future Fans and Hub config Help


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How can I arrange my fans and hubs so they will work and will the diagram I made work?



I am going to upgrade to the parts list here https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Somebody32x2/saved/p4Pfyc

The important parts are here:

Case: 5000x RGB



4 total SP120 RGB ELITE's (3 in the case + one extra)

3 QL 120's

I will have the following hubs:

Commander Core (Comes with AIO (6x PWM + 6x RGB))

Lighting Node Core (Comes with 3x QL120 (6x RGB))

The built-in controllers for the 5000x RGB (I think 6x PWM + 6x RGB)

An extra 4x USB 2.0 splitter (Tell me if this should change to something else)


After hearing that each controller can only handle one type of fan I made this diagram:

I am new to this and assumed everything needs usb 2.0


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