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Connecting hub/lighting node/and commander? HELP

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Hi i'm a new user . I've just received a LL120 rgb pack with hub and lighting node

I'm Waiting to receive an obsidian d1000 case with commander pro.


Now. I'm confused about connections.


A) First hub ( fan LED connector) (Ok for this i'm sure but..)


B) hub output to LED in node pro connectors and then node pro usb to usb in of commander ( leaving commander LED lines free for stripes) ...or..


C) Hub output to LED connectors of commander leaving commander usb free. ( no use of node pro for now)


Other question power connector of hub /node pro / commander must be used always if units are connected togheter.

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There is no need to use Lighting Node Pro as the RGB controller in this instance, but save it for the future. With a 1000D you will likely need it at some point. All of the Corsair RGB lighting controllers are interchangeable and work with the majority of Corsair RGB fans, but there are some small differences between them.


The Commander Pro has 2 RGB channels (1 for fans, 1 for strips/Hydro X/more fans) and this saves you a SATA and USB connection. The "RGB Lighting Hub" with the 6 RGB fan ports is essential and supplies the 5v power for the fans.

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