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settings and dashboard reset after each pc restart


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i tried everything now.


deinstall all icue 3 and 4 pieces (with registry entries).

clean install of icue 3 .


sometimes it saved all settings correctly sometimes all GPU SENSOR settings are resetted to CPU Sensors.


deinstall again.


clean install icue4.


same bugs... sometimes it saves all correct, somnetimes all GPU SENSORS are resetted to CPU SENSORS.


install all on different drives, run as admin, closing icue before shutting down the pc, activate-deactivate sdk or plugins, start with windows dont start with windows, and so on


what the hell im doing wrong.


im on win10 64bit with a rtx2060 GPU , and corsair ram.


btw on my commander pro (have it around 6 months) 4 of 6 fan channels are dead :((


so what can i do now ?

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