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HS60 Haptic Volume Adjustment Sluggish

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Hello All,


To preface; This is my first post on the Corsair Forum. I thoroughly enjoy my HS60 Hapic headset. And, I even passed along my HS60 PRO headset to my significant other so she could put her Astro A10 headset to the side.


I have been dealing with a strange issue where adjusting the volume via the wheel on the headset, via the media keys on my keyboard, and/or via the UI in Windows seems incredibly sluggish. Removing all other ancillary devices doesn't seem to impact speed, nor does cycling through any of the eight available USB ports seem to change this characteristic. When the headset USB is removed the volume adjustment returns to its' natural, non-impeded experience.


Any input on what could be causing this to occur? Has any other member experienced this same oddity? Lastly, any known fix or adjustment to deduce the volume adjustment latency?



Thank you a million in advance.



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Thank you for the response Albert,


I had previously been using 3.37.140 which is admittedly a bit dated. I had just updated to 3.38.61 and it doesn't seem that had made an impact on latency for volume adjustments. I do not have any other audio software installed, so there shouldn't be any conflicts.


I hope this information is found helpful.





Hi OfficialDJSNT,


Is your HS60 HAPTIC on the latest firmware available in iCUE? Do you have any audio software installed?

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Hello Albert,


I had removed the previous version of iCue and had installed 4.11.274 with no improvement to the latency with volume adjustments. Out of curiosity, I had even removed all other USB devices and still experience latency with volume control via the wheel on the headset.


Do any other possibilities come to mind?


Would you mind trying iCUE 4? You can download it here.
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