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Nightsword RGB sniper button remap

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I cannot remap the sniper button on the Nightsword RGB in iCue. It shows that it is the button i assign to it, but as soon as i press the sniper button it reverts back to the DPI settings, and neither discord nor any game i have tried recognizes it as a button press. Is this key remappable or should i return?


(footnote: What im essentially trying to to is make my three side keys on my mouse modifier keys. Forward=shift, Back=Ctrl, Sniper=Alt, and its just not working for the sniper key.)

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Hi Rayman203,


Sorry you're having Sniper button troubles.


You should be able to re-bind that sniper button. Please open a ticket using the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page and include some screenshots of your button remaps for review, and we should be able to assist in either fixing this, or if its a defect, replacing the item if you're under warranty.

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