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2nd PCIe cable CV650W

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Magnetic noise can be difficult to find the source


The CV650 has one PCie cable with 2 connectors which can handle the RTX 3070 fine.


Frame rate drops are more driver related.


I suggest scraping it up for an 850W PSU such as the RM850 (2019) when you can afford it which will have more power cables and will afford a better video card down the road

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Hi guys, somebody can tell me if I can arrange a 2nd PCIe from these spare cables I got?




I'm having some coil whine (even on idle) and fps drops and I noticed there's only one PCIe for both connectors on my 3070.


Thank you


The coil whine might be related to the PSU.


The fps drops wont. If the PSU cant provide enough power for your GPU, it wont lead to lower fps or drops. It will lead to black-screen restarts or shutdowns.


The GPU pulls power, if that load exceeds the PSU it shutdown the system or restarts it. It cant "tell the GPU to slow down" and pull less power (thus FPS drops)


If you want to fix the coil whine, changing the PSU might help. I had 4x different PSUs, and my GPU whined on all of them. So Im 0 for 4 on that one, and fairly sure its just the card.


For the FPS drops, look to other issues on the system. Drivers etc.

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