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K57 not working HELP!

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HELP! My K57 stop working, indicator lights are blinking. They are described in manual as F, G, H (1,A,winlock) are pulsing in white color about once per second while keyboard is on, pc dont see keyboard both on usb cable and bt dongle. Soft reset doesnt change anything, also not working with other pc or laptop. I have no idea what to do, please help I need keyboard for work asap
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Hello there,


Please try toggling BIOS mode on the keyboard by performing the following steps:


0. Turn off Keyboard

1. Hold B + S keys

2. Turn on

3. Release keys


If this does not help at all, please open a ticket with support using the Support Ticket System link at the top of this page for further assistance. Thank you.

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Doesn't help, still blinking, still not visible for my pc, not sure if its your suggestion but I already had a chat with bot on corsair website and i gave my email adress. I hoped for faster response here, due to my job (I need many macros in different programmes) I'm almost unable to work. Keyboard is relativly new, about 6 months so it shouldn't be dead battery... if anyone had such issue and know any other ways to fix I would be grateful for answers and I'm waiting for response from corsair, I will post their suggestion here as well.
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