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Ironclaw RGB Wireless sensor failure

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So, my Ironclaw RGB Wireless had the mouse wheel failure 9 months into ownership and I had it RMA'd last month. I received the factory refurb replacement last month on April 16th and the tracking sensor seems to have failed on it this last Monday. So yeah - my replacement worked for a whole two weeks.


I contacted support, they provided no troubleshooting and instead gave me another RMA, but of course I have to pay shipping to get the busted mouse that they just sent me replaced.


The red LED in the mouse illuminates, but the mouse just tracks ever so slowly up and to the left equally (neg x, pos y). I reflashed the current firmware and did the hardware reset procedure. Is there anything anyone has done to successfully resolve this issue?

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Hi Riceman,


What was your ticket number for the second RMA? I want to have someone review this issue for you.




I want to thank you personally for getting the return squared away for me. My second RMA mouse came back today.


Unfortunately, the refurb quality on this one is pretty poor and I'm guessing I'll have a couple of weeks or months of life on it - the left button switch is spongy, the wheel feels "off" like it did before my original broke, and the profile down selector buttons is squeaking and doesn't actuate properly.


With all the problems I have had with Corsair products lately, I think this is my last hurrah (K95 spacebar issue, mouse switch failing on my K65, the Ironclaw issue(s), H100i fan failing prematurely, front panel USB connector failing on my case, headphones failing prematurely). It's a shame, too, because I've been a Corsair fan and customer for over 20 years going back to when you just sold memory modules. I can only hope that you all resolve your quality control issues for your new and refurbish products. Best of luck to you all.



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