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Faulty RM 850x

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I recently built a new PC and was having trouble with it from the start.

Windows kept hard locking and I was having to reboot the PC via the power button.


After a couple of weeks of frustration thinking it was every other part in the build being at fault, testing various components and reinstalling Windows countless times I finally tried swapping the PSU from my older PC into the new one.

The older PSU being a CX 750M and the PC ran with no issues at all for the last 5 days.

When I bought the new PSU which is a RM 850x I also got a Corsair Cable Kit so to test it wasn't the cable kit I swapped the new PSU back into the case this morning with the stock cables, went to make a coffee, came back and Windows had hard locked....so not even 5 minutes of running.


I've not come across this before and obviosuly going to RMA the PSU but just wondering what the cause would be.

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