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Corsair i7200 In Stock and Ordered......But Wait

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On April 25th I placed an order for the i7 1100K model CS-9050014-NA with the 3080 and 32GB RAM. It was in stock and I added to cart and checked out, got my order confirmation and everything was golden. Flash forward to today, after 9 days of my order status stating PROCESSING, I decided to open a support ticket to make sure there was no issue on my end like credit card payment issues or something. I received a reply this evening from Corsair saying that my PC is out of stock with no estimate of when it will return to stock.


I am very suprised and dissapointed that your webstore would show an item in stock and let me add to cart and check out with absolutely no indication that the pc was not in stock but on backorder.* *Also it has been 9 days since I have placed my order and no correspondance from Corsar regarding my item being on backorder.* *It was not until I created a support ticket that I was informed of the situation. That really suprises me for a major player in the PC market like Corsair.* I wish I could find out how many orders are ahead of mine in the que.* That would give me some idea of how many PCs would have to go out before mine.* *I am just very frustrated by how little info I have gotten regarding my situation.


So be aware that just because an item says in stock and allows you to check out with order confirmation, don't think you are in the clear. Now all I can do is wait.....

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