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HS60 Haptic causes audio/video issues

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I've recently received this headseat as a prize. From the 1st day i've noticed an audio beep during any app start...It was the minus.


Now i can't use HS60, practically i can start an audio/video file just 1 time; then EVERY media will get stuck loading (vlc, YT etc.etc.), audio control from task become unresponsive. Everything works fine if i unplug it.

Tried everything (clean uninstall, deleted every Corsair folder from %appdata%, %localappdata% and registry entries, icue 3.X and 4.X) but nothing solved this issue.


Headset works fine without installing icue (but only stereo, like a 2€ headphones)


Is there any suggestion or procedure to follow?



My loved Logitech...:rolleyes:

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