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New model request. RAM GUY check this out please.


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No problems here. It works pretty well, it's on my keychain and goes where ever I go. This has helped in ways I can't explain.


My only concern is the rubber loop used for fastening it to a key chain or anything else. I don't see this lasting too well for some (including myself). You guys do allot of asking to see what people want and make it happen so I figured I'd throw this out there.


In the future could Corsair please change the design of the loop? Perhaps either make that area from aluminum or perhaps embed a metal cable in it. Actually, if the entire back shell was made out of aluminum I'd buy another tomorrow. You could may the connector protector too out of aluminum and have it pop open (spring loaded) like one of those butane torch lighters. If you think about it, it could look pretty stylish and a video of a guy going 60 Mph on a motorcycle dropping it, recovering it, and opchecking good would be a good seller. Perhaps make this a separate module and see how it does against the current one.




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