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Corsair HS60 Pro microphone not hearing me

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I have had the HS60 for a while now, and through all the problems it has caused, none have been this bad. The microphone is there, everything is plugged in, drivers and windows are up to date.


I am using Voicemeeter Banana but it has been completely fine. I was just using my computer when my microphone stopped hearing me, it can be chosen as an input and I didn't change any settings, it just doesn't work.


I have already searched the forums but I can't find anything that I would have done wrong, and everything I try doesn't work. Do I just need to buy a new headset? Because this one is rather new and I don't wanna waste money.

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Does it work with a different device? Are you using the surround dongle or analog?


If the mic isn’t working with multiple devices, and isn’t working with or without the dongle, you may have a hardware issue.


You can contact our support team and request a replacement mic and see if that resolves the issue.

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I have the same problem. The headset (or dongle) hasn't been the most reliable one. It tends to cut off suddenly when playing. Usually works if I just unplug the usb dongle and re-plug it but sometimes I have to restart computer to get it working again. No problems with other usb devices.


The latest problem might have something to do with resent Win 10 update (20H2).


I am using HS60 Pro via dongle. Sounds are ok but mic won't work. I tried the mic directly to 3,5mm plug and it works so the mic itself is ok. It just doesn't work via Headset. What I tried:


- I uninstalled all sound devices and mics

- unplugged dongle

- restart computer

- uninstall iCue

- restart

- installed iCue

- restart

- open iCue

- plugged in dongle (HS60 attached) but iCue can't detect my device.


What to do?

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