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So I have been using a Corsair M65 Pro for a few years now and its absolutely amazing. Love the size and the weight, everything is perfect but for WOW I decided I wanted to get a mouse with more buttons, so I decided to go with a Scimitar Elite.

I like the feel of the mouse and the buttons on the side are perfect, but there is one complete deal breaking issue that made me immediately box it back up to return.


The main mouse buttons (right and left click) are paper thin and a light breeze clicks the buttons. In comparison my M65 has 3x thicker buttons and requires so much more pressure to click the buttons. I literally cannot rest my fingers on the Scimitar in a standard mouse grip without clicking the buttons. If a fly landed on one of the buttons they would be clicked....


Does anyone else struggle with this issue? Is there a way to mod the mouse to make it take more force or weight to click? I was so sold on Corsair mice but this is so unthinkably bad I dont understand how this thing even went into production....

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