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(commander core/ h100i Elite Cappelix) Fans Speeds High on idle on quiet mode

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Click the little "+" on the Performance Tab. Graph will appear below.


Get off the presets immediately. They are based on CPU temp and that is going to be a bumpy ride with no correlation to internal case air temperature. For your radiator fans, a more appropriate set of curves is in the corner. Choose the left-most "Quiet" option, but immediately change the Sensor choice to H100i Temp (coolant temperature). You can move the baseline and peak speeds as needed. Water cooling is not very fan sensitive and +-200 rpm makes little difference to end cooling temperatures. Go with noise reduction when unsure.


The other case fans also can use the same curve to keep balance with the radiator fans or you can make another version of it. Coolant temp remains a stable choice that will increase as case temp increases. You don't need your case fans to be reactive, just to keep moving air in or taking it out. Other choices for the sensor value are MB temp or you might have a specific need for GPU temp, like for a rear exhaust fan. You will need to adjust the curve points to match the unique range for each and your normal environment.


Long term or if you spend a lot of time with CUE not running, you want to use the temp probe sensor from the Commander. That will take an air temp (or water temp in custom cooling systems) and it is the native control source. Works at all times, boot, shutdown, etc. Putting in inside or outside the rear exhaust likely gives you the most useful reading and range for air cooled GPU systems. Again, you will need to find the normal operating range.

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