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Fans too loud

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Hi guys,


I recently built my own pc using a old 1080ti for the first time. It looks something like this https://imgur.com/DzTfh48


My questions are about the fans that i put in the case, 3 of them are from the AIO (H150i ELITE CAPELLIX) screenshot here: https://imgur.com/Wc1tODT


and the other 7 fans are on the case (Lian Li XL-W).


I have the 7 connected do CommanderPro (CPU temp) and the other 3 are managed by the AIO.


My problem is that the fans are too loud and i dont know nothing about fans curves or fixed rpm.


Should i change the CoPro to GPU temp or stay at CPU temp? and let it be on the pre made profiles?


I did a custom fan curve https://imgur.com/hYiDGl2 but i think it is still loud im just afraid of putting less rpm and overheat something.


Hope someone can help me if this is not the best place to ask this question please tell me here can i ask it.




Thanks in advance!

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