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Corsair One Limitations: Unable to Output >60 fps at 4K?

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Hello, I have been eyeing the corsair one series for a while and when the new a200 was announced, I was extremely excited to buy it.


However, I saw this extremely concerning post regarding a limitation in the output of the Corsair One series: https://www.reddit.com/r/Corsair/comments/murf9h/buyer_beware_glaring_issue_w_new_corsair_one_a200/


Apparently, short cables are used to connect the Display Port/HDMI at the back of the desktop to the GPU since the GPU is unable to be accessed directly. However, these cables are extremely outdated and hence not able to support the latest high bandwidth.


I called Corsair tech support, who was helpful and opened a ticket to check this further. However he did say that he believes the cables used internally are Displayport 1.2 and HDMI 2.0.


If this is the case, wouldn't the internal cables be a severe bottleneck to the performance? Will I even be able to game at 4k above 60 FPS with the GTX 3080 in the Corsair one? I see some reviews where clearly more than 60fps was achieved at 4k, so this didn't make sense to me.


If anyone has any experience or thoughts, would appreciate it. If this is indeed true I will have to cancel my order.



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I have the Corsair a100 (3900x + 2080 SUPER) system right now and I am able to run 2x 1440p monitors at 144hz over DisplayPort and my LG OLED55CXPUA at 120hz over HDMI... all with GSYNC.


I do not believe what they are telling you is true. The Jayz2Cents video the OP is referencing is using a very old version of the Corsair ONE. The quickstart guide also does not specifically say that it only supports 2.0, it says to make sure you are using a certified 2.0 cable. I'm willing to bet that they were intending it to mean use the highest quality cable, and that it was copied from another manual.


Note: the OLED55CXPUA is one of the few TVs that can do 120Hz VRR over HDMI2.0b (albeit with Chroma subsampling) thanks to optimizations made with NVIDIA


Either way you have 30 days to return it if it doesn't meet your needs.

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Thanks for the input - I hope you are right!


Your setup is interesting, though I don't think it proves or disproves the claim that the interior cable is inferior. My understanding is that since you are using 2 displays with two separate ports, the interior cables would still be able to support them at QHD even if they are DIsplay Port 1.2.


Would be curious to hear experiences of people using DIsplayport at 4K with HDR.

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I was previously running a 4K/144hz monitor (LG GN950) on this machine as well.


I 'downgraded' because Windows is absolutely horrible at text scaling. 4k @ 150% text scaling shows the same amount of text as 1440p @ 100% text scaling..

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Thanks for the confirmation Caliente, Azureblood2. Much appreciated.


Caliente, could you confirm what DisplayPort version is used? I assume 1.4 (to be able to support DSC)?

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This is correct, yes. You'll be able to run 4k/144hz via DisplayPort with DSC. The HDMI ports are at this time HDMI 2.0.


This has me worried... if Corsair used the same HDMI cables... did they use the same PCIE GEN3 Riser cable as well?

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