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Problems with Corsair Void Pro Mic

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I have an issue, and I thought I would get it worked out soon, but, alas, no.

I recently got a new ssd when the Samsung 960 Evo 1Tb went down in price. I botched my install by erasing everything off my main drive, so I went ahead and just started from scratch, with the new drive as the main “C” drive.

I grabbed my motherboard drivers, graphics drivers, and went through the whole setup with W10 Home. I have some Corsair peripherals, the Void RGB USB headset, keyboard, and mouse. All of them light up with the iCue software. But after installing iCue, everything went wonky and froze my entire pc up. I uninstalled it, deleted remaining files, and re-installed it, and it worked.

I have a USB 3.0 extension cable running to a 3 port usb hub so I can game from the couch. All 3 peripherals used to run on it fine. But My microphone sounds like it’s broadcasting from a far-away galaxy. It cuts in and out and sounds like Darth Vader on meth.

I have spent over 20 hours in the last 3 weeks playing with the settings, uninstalling and re-installing things, and tried to change a registry file of some kind I saw online. No luck.

I have a second usb 3.0 extension, so I tried plugging just the headset into a USB 3.0 on the IO panel. My computer fails to recognize it. When I check it in the control panel under device manager, it will not let it connect at all. I tried uninstalling it and rebooting to get new drivers, but no luck. Right now I have it running in pass-through off my keyboard for audio, and iCue recognizes it there.

I thought my USB ports were fubared, but I plugged my mouse in and it works perfectly.

There has to be some kind of secret ninja **** that can be tried. I also have a wireless Xbox One controller and wifi dongle hooked up. I had some issues with that after upgrading the drive, but I managed to fix them.

Any ideas out there? I would be interested in figuring this out so I can chat in-game while I’m being t-bagged by 10 year olds.

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