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RM750x make noise when i boot computer. Not work

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Hello, today I have a problem.


My computer was working fine and won't start anymore.

My Corsair rm750x power supply makes a tripping noise when I want to restart my computer and nothing starts, nor my fans.

Initially the motherboard beeped 4 times, after several tries I removed the battery from the motherboard and since then no beeps.

Just my motherboard rbg turning on, so I don’t understand.

In the meantime, I had touched an icon on my desktop of a configuration software for my motherboard to change the fan mode (silent, normal, turbo), I no longer knew the default mode, so I left it.

I put in silent, because the default mode seemed too noisy compared to usual.

I took a 30min break and when I come back my computer shuts down ...

That power 'clicking' noise when you turn on, what exactly is it?

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