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System randomly crash when ICUE V3 or V4 is installed


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When ICUE is installed on my system I have random hard restarts of my computer, black screen and restart.

Nothing in the event viewer because the crash is too hard and fast.


When ICUE is not installed, there are no more crashes. I tested 4 times for several days and the result is always the same, when ICUE is installed I get random crashes and when ICUE is uninstalled the problem goes away.


My computer is a I9 Dell Precision laptop running Windows 10 fully up to date and the only corsair components I use are a K95 keyboard and a Nexus screen which are useless without the ICUE software.


I have tested with ICUE V3 and V4 and I am experiencing this problem with both versions.


I am also getting crashes when my laptop is not connected to the keyboard and Nexus, ICUE Software installed and his services running is enough to crash my system.


This is really a Corsair software issue and it seems nobody at Corsair cares, the first posts about similar issues and system crash can be found from 2018 and this issue is still present for some users in 2021 !


Hope to someday get a version of ICUE with "Fixed issue which may cause system crash ..." in the release notes but this issue has been around for so long that I think it will never happen !

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