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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless - Microphone crackle & robotic voice

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So I have just purchased a Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless headset, setup it easy as Corsair stuff usually is turn it on and it's connected straight away.


However... While the headset audio sounds brilliant I have gone to do a test of the microphone and on other websites that allow microphone playback and it sounds absolutely horrific not even cheap wireless earbud microphones are this bad.


I've tried going into Sound Device settings on Windows 10 and changing the device format with no luck in change, tried disabling the Realtek Audio driver so far and no change whatsoever.


I had seen people online talking of microphone issues though they were a year or two back and I thought it must have been fixed by this point but I was proven wrong it seems.


Has anyone got any sort of fix at all? Love the headset but i'd hate to return due to this mic being almost impossible to speak to anyone with.


I won't say i'm completely computer illiterate but if there's a process then please explain it to my idiot self haha


Many thanks for any help

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This sounds similar to an issue I'm having with my *brand new* Corsair Virtuoso RGB SE. I've been told by others that I speak with on Discord that my audio sounds "warbled" when I'm not wired. I plug the wire in and switch to USB, and the mic works fine. 

I have iCUE installed, I have tested multiple settings changes. I use Discord (updated) and Chrome. 

Please assist asap, or I will need to return these headphones and select a different brand. (Not a threat. I just need good audio over the mic for work.)




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