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Cannot find QVL corsair memory

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I am interested in the MSI MPG Z490 it says it supports CMK16GX4M2G4800C19 and CMK32GX4M2G4800C18 which are supposed to be 2133MHz/4800MHz 1.5v 8GB and 16GB respectively. But using the search bar on the Corsair website doesn't return any results.


Also, is it be possible to put 3 sticks of memory in? ie: 3x8GB for 24GB of memory?


Thank you.

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because you will not be able to run 4800C18/19 without manually tweaking yourself on a mid tier board, also if you are not really knowing what you're doing, your mobo is likely to slowly fry your CPU at that speeds. Get yourself a 4000C16 or 3800C14 kit, maybe a 4400C18/19 kit will still be plug and play too but make sure your board doesn't shove excessive voltages.


It is not recommended to use an odd number of sticks with weird totals. It'll work, but you will lose A LOT of performance.

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