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Corsair has he best warranty in the business!

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I see on this forum & many other forums, a lot of unhappy people with warranty/RMA issues but as I mentioned elsewhere, people need to sit back & rethink what the pandemic issues are causing & affecting various companies.


Corsair has one of the BEST warranties in the business & very few competitors offer this:


"If your Corsair product is not operating in accordance with its published technical specifications, the product will be replaced at Corsair’s expense."


taken from WARRANTY TERMS: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033067832


Most competitors make the consumer jump through major hurdles & fees to get their product fixed. Not with Corsair. That is why I have always bought my PSUs, memory, SSDs from Corsair. I have 5 AX1600i PSUs running 24/7/365 since they were made available without issue. I just recently bought an HX1200i for another computer & again no issues.


Maybe I am the wrong person to say this but I have been using Corsair products for decades (since they first came out) with ZERO faults or issues. That should explain why I stick with Corsair products but even though nothing has ever failed me...at least I know that they have a strong warranty to cover me in the unlikely case anything does fail LOL.


Please be patient with warranty/RMA issues due to most pandemic lockdowns restricting businesses from operating their service departments & the fact there is a world-wide shortage of semiconductor parts needed to fix things so no company wants to accept your returns until they are able to fix them in a timely manner or replace them with a replacement unit which are all in short supply ATM.

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