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Help!! Case Corsair 275R Usb front don't work

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Hello everyone. I hope that someone could help me.

I have built a PC last november using a Corsair 275R Case and i've noticed only in the last few days that the usb port of the case don't work properly.

I have a Wifi mouse with receiver connected to one of the two usb 3.0 port of the case. If i try to connect a USb stick to the second port, the mouse begin to lose signal and performance. i've tried several usb stick and they give me the same issue. someone could know which is the problem? THANKS

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How many other USB-devices do you have plugged in to your PC? If you have too many you might run into problems with the USB-controller.


I have only two on the usb front port. one is for the wifi dongle for my wifi mouse and the other is used just sometimes for a usb stick. the issue happen every time i connect my usb stick to that port. the mouse becomes unusable. is it normal?

on the back i have connected a usb keyboard and a usb-c webcam

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