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Hi there, I've recently purchased a K100 OPX keyboard and love it but can't seem to learn how to fully use iCUE lol.

With the risk of sounding like an idiot, how do I rebind a key to function as a second FN key? What I've tried is to go to the key assignment tab>>click the + to add a new assignment>>select the remap to keystroke option>>select the caps lock key and then on the right where it wants me to "type a key" I keep clicking the FN key but nothing happens. I can rebind the caps lock to other keys easily but no luck with the FN.


Another question, how do I bind macros to the fn+key combo? I've tried recording a random macro like ctrl+alt+f1 but then I get lost and can't seem to find how to reprogram it to something like fn+q


I see that I can rebind the G1-G6 keys to sort of do the key combos I want but in-game it's a lot easier to just press caps lock+q without moving my hand off of the WASD keys at all.

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