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K70 Champion TKL not found after reboot

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I just got a K70 Champion TKL and i have the issue that after a reboot (Reboot / Shutdown / Hybernate) the keyboard is not found in 99% of the cases until i unplug it from USB and plug it in again. However when i unplug it i still get the notification in Windows for unpluging a USB device, so it seems to get recognized, but not fully.


This was tested on USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1.


I've updated the firmware of my motherboard, i've reinstalled Windows to be sure its not some drive conflict with the old K70 i had before.


Are there any known issues?

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I would contact Corsair Support. Usually this is some type of USB initialization issue on start-up and thus the replug works to force another attempt. Some times this can be resolved with specific BIOS settings. Sometimes it's the KB.
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