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rgb effects and game profiles HELP


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I have this problem/issue:


i have the lastest icue 4 installed, vengeance pro sl ram and k70 mk2 sl keyboard and m65 elite mouse (keyboard to rear usb2 for key cable and hub cable), and mouse to the keyboard back usb port.


Then, icue sees all correctly, i imported some games profiles (i am sure they work), but for some strange reason, i have to rely on defaul keyboard/mouse rgb effect to run correctly the game rgb profiles (either icue 3/4 profile).


If I choose something for the default effect for keyboard/mouse (and maybe save in hardware), I cannot get to run any game profile.


Ps.: updated keybard mouse and ram to the latest firmwares.


please help... i want a default NOT FLASHY key/mouse, rainbow wave is more relaxing, but i want that game profiles run !!!!


(correctly linked the game profiles to the corresponding exe game files).


Made reset (N2 buttons mouse then reconnect, esc on keyboard then reconnect), found that if i dont touch hardware effects (nothing in it) and modify software effects of the mouse profile imported automatically in icue 4, and make that profile the default, all works as i want, even game profiles.

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