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RGB Header on ASAS MoBo not responding

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Hi Guys.


I got an ASUS ROG-Strix Z590-E GAMING motherboard. The motherboard is correctly recognised by iCue and I can control the lighting on all the elements except the RGB Header.


I can See the RGB Header in iCue and I know that it treated as only one zone (which is fine by me). But it keeps running the default rainbow effect, rather than switching to a Solid white (or whatever config I enter into iCue).


Also when using Instant Lighting, the RGB Header remains running a rainbow wave.


Anybody any clue on how to address this?

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are you talking about the 12v 4pin header or the 5v 3pin addressable header?


If it's the addressable header, that cannot be controlled by iCUE and it shouldn't show up at all, so if you see any RGB headers in iCUE, they're 12v 4pin.


Ah.. my Mainboard has both, but the case-lights only support the 3 pin version. This explains why I Can see the RGB Header in iCue, and why it is not responding.


Thank you for clearing that up.

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