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iCUE displays my headset's battery wrong, making my headset beep unnecessarily


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Hello! I have a HS70 Pro (a wireless headset), and the iCUE software has been causing me problems ever since I bought my headset, almost two years ago.


When the headset's battery is "low", the headset beeps once every 60 seconds. The problem is that iCUE displays my headset's battery status incorrectly. For example, when my headset is fully charged, the software displays the battery as being 76% full, ever since I first used my headset.


When iCUE believes that my headset is at 5% battery, the beeping begins. But in reality, the headset's battery is not nearly that low. Yesterday, my headset started beeping at around 6:30 pm. At the time, I was almost done with work, so I decided to ignore the beeping until I was done. Two hours later, I was still using the headset, without charging it, and iCUE was still displaying the battery as 5%.


My question is: Is there a way to make iCUE display my headset's battery status correctly? If not, if there a way to stop the beeping? Or at least, make it less frequent?



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